Monday, March 22, 2010

Shopper's Double/Triple Coupons: Saved 61%

It was major couponing weekend at Shopper's Food Warehouse this weekend. They were doubling coupons between $.51 and $1 and tripling coupons $.50 and under. After a hectic day of yoga teacher training, I made my list and went over there on Saturday night. A few things I wanted were off the shelves already, but I did pretty well.

I wound up with 21 items for $20.74. Saving $31 with coupons.

Stuff I got for FREE:
Reese's Dark
Solo Party Plates
Oikos Yogurt
Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Rice

Stuff I got for CHEAP (price after coupons):
.25 Yoplait Greek Yogurt
.39 Polaner Jam
.39 Blue Diamond Almond Milk
.49 Barilla Piccolini Pasta
.49 Wholly Guac (my fave!)
.50 Grande Chips
.69 Success Brown Rice
.79 Mission Tortilla
.89 Dannon Activa Yogurt
.89 Minute Rice

There were a few other items as well, but most of those cost over $1 even after coupons.

Also got a .20 discount for using my own bags (love that!).

Total spent: $20.74
Total saved: $31.00

Manufacturer's Coupons: $14.85
Double/Triple Coupons: $16.15

Bolded items: To be donated

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