Sunday, July 11, 2010

CVS: OOP $2.55/Saved $32.57

Back in the game. It has been awhile for a combination of reasons: feeling a little lazy, no real need for items, no deals that spoke to me... But my EB were about to run out and there were a few good deals this week. Here it is...
York Peppermint Patties $1 (saved .59)
2 John Frieda Hair Products 2/$10
(used $2, $3 coupons ~ received $5EB)
Complete $7.99 (saved $2)
(received $7.99EB)
Papermate Pens $.99 (saved $1)
(received $.99EB)
Scissors $.99 (saved $2)
(received $.99EB)
Biotrue $2.99
(received $2.99EB)
Milkyway $.89
($.50 cvs coupon)

PLUS: $8, $5, $4, $1 EB

Total OOP: $2.55
Total Savings: $32.57 (Sale and Coupon and EB)
EB Earned: $7.99, $5, $2.99, $.99, $.99 (see above) also got $3 for 2nd quarter spending
Bolded Items: to be donated
Bolded/Italicized items: maybe donated. I'm unsure

Total CVS spending YTD: $153.57
Total CVS savings YTD: $700.72
Spring 2010 Spending (from receipt): $47.19
YTD Saving (from receipt): $745.48

The strategy this week was just to keep the number of EB consistent since my old ones were about to expire. I'm at pretty much the same number as where I started. And I got chocolate. Win.

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