Thursday, August 19, 2010

CVS: $4.03OOP/$23.29 Saved

After visiting 3 CVS locations to find one that actually had those darn blink tears, I found them! They just didn't have the Crest Clinical Gum Protection. Boo :(
Stacy's Pita Chips $3 (saved $.29)
(used $1/1 coupon from CVS machine)
Zegerid OTC $9.99 (saved $4)
(used $3/1 coupon ~ received $7EB)
Blink Tears $7.99 (saved $2)
(used $1/1 coupon ~ recieved $7.99EB)

PLUS: $5/$15 coupon, $1, $2, $4EB

Total OOP: $4.03
Total Savings: $23.29 (Sale and Coupon and EB)
EB Earned: $7, $7.99 (above)
Bolded: to be donated

Total CVS spending YTD: $160.63
Total CVS savings YTD: $786.18
Summer 2010 Spending (from receipt): $52.77
YTD Saving (from receipt): $840.22

Also, sidenote: my new ExtraCare card arrived with no coupons :( but it's so pretty and new and shiny!

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