Monday, October 11, 2010

CVS: Spent $40.45/Saved: $24.20

So this wasn't such a great week at CVS except that I will get reimbursed for the full $40.45 from my flexible health spending.  I needed a week to regroup and get more EB to work with for future purchases.  I also used SavingsAngel for the first time (will have a review on the other blog soon). Here's what I got:

2 Prilosec 42 Count $24.99each (saved $3.50 each)
(Plus $7/2 coupon ~ received $7EB for each)
2 Colgate Total Advanced $2.99each (saved $.70 each)
(Plus 2 $1/1 coupons ~ received $2.99EB for each)

PLUS: $1, $1.80, $4EB

Total OOP: $40.45
Total Savings: $24.20 (Sale and Coupon and EB)
EB Earned: $14, $5.98 and $1 (for green bag tag)

Total CVS spending YTD: $203.06
Total CVS savings YTD: $880.35
Fall 2010 Spending (from receipt): $.35
YTD Saving (from receipt): $933.48

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