Thursday, February 25, 2010

CVS: OOP $3.94/ Saved $39.99 Plus Earned $50

Here's what I got this week:
1 EARinse $7.99 (saved $2)
(Received $7.99 EB)
1 Speed Stick $2.99 (saved $1)
(Plus $1 coupon ~ Received $2 EB)
2 Smooth Away $9.99 (saved $9.99~ BOGO) will donate 1
(Plus 2 $1.50 coupons)
Expandable Folder $8.99

$1, $2, $2, $2, $2, $2, $5, $7 EB

Total OOP: $3.94
Total Savings: $39.99(Sale and Coupon and EB)
EB Earned: $2, $7.99 (see above)
Bolded Items: to be donated

Sadly, the expandable folder wasn't on sale, but I really, really needed to get this since I haven't started filing anything for 2010 yet. I had a lot of EB from last week, so I thought I should at least get it for free. That kind of threw off my EB hoarding for next time. Oh well.

Total CVS spending YTD: $39.68
Total CVS savings YTD: $229.72

Now for the second part: Earned $50!
I found a mailing from CVS on the mail room floor. I guess someone who moved out had received a mailing with coupon from CVS and the new person didn't want them. Oh well... my gain! I fill 2 Rx every month and there were 2 coupons for a $25 gift card with a new or transferred Rx. SCORE! Now I have $40 worth of CVS money (I used $10 of the gift card to pay for the second Rx) to play the CVS game with. Let's see how long I can make that last!

My only concern about the $50 is how to account for it in my budget and YTD CVS spending. Right now, I'm treating it like cash in my budget (I've added it to my income). However, on here, for my total CVS spending, it's almost as if it were EB. I basically got $50 for free, just like I get all of those EB for free and then roll them over. Is it really any different? I don't know. And I don't know if this makes any sense! Do you have any thoughts on this?

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  1. You might make a running item "coupons" as an off balance sheet asset.

    Since they can expire, I wouldn't include them as income.

    If you just take them off of expenses, it can encourage overconsumption (spending just to get or use the coupons).

    If you add a category, then you will have the numbers to properly reflect on your spending.

    I like your using the coupons to make donations...very nice! You can just broaden that analysis to look at how you are using your coupons. And you might also consider getting into other coupons too. Often CVS has specials along with the major coupon circulars (red plum, smartsource, P&G) and/or online coupons. Combining these is good for some great deals.