Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Safeway: OOP $12.24/ Saved $12.55

FYI. I don't always include my grocery deals because I don't do as well as I do at drugstores. I'm pretty pleased about this deal, especially because Safeway was MOBBED! 4 Cheerios @ $1.50 each (Regular price $13.16, saved $7.16)
($1/3 coupon, $1/1 coupon)
York Peppermint Patty $.89
Wonderful Pistachios @ $3.99 (Regular price $4.99, saved $1)
($1/1 safeway coupon, $1/1 manufacturer's coupon)
Mushrooms @ $2.00 (Regular price $2.39, saved $.39)
Hummus @ $2.99

Total OOP: $12.24 (including tax)
Total Savings: $12.55 (Sale and Coupon) //51%

I'm most proud of the Cheerios deal. I got 4 boxes for $1 each which I think is fantastic! I also really was pleased with the Pistachios deal. I was able to combine a Safeway coupon with a manufacturer's coupon with a sale which is something I'm not usually able to do successfully.

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