Monday, April 5, 2010

No More Rite Aid

I've decided to cut Rite Aid off the list. Here are the reasons why:

(1) I hate Single Check Rebates
-There are too many steps involved
-They send you a check for all of the SCR that you've submitted for the entire month which I'm pretty sure you have to use in one transaction (very clunky)
-It takes too long to receive the rebates
-They are just counting on you forgetting to do one of the steps so they don't have to give you the SCR

(2) CVS is better
-EB are instant
-There are more locations near me
-I get way more stuff for free there

(3) It's easier to just go to one drug store/look at one ad or blog
-cuts down on time, clutter


  1. you don't "use" the check at all. you deposit it at your bank. rite aid is my favorite because it's the only one you get real money back from

  2. I've debated this for a while and I haven't been able to choose either one. I agree with above^, you could deposit the check instead of spending it at rite aid. i usually enter the receipts once i get home and once, i forgot to request for the SCR check but they sent it to me anyway.