Monday, January 11, 2010

Harris Teeter: 2 Trips/ OOP $5.19/Savings $10.37/ OOP $9.13/Savings $14.95

I made two trips to Harris Teeter for their Super Doubles (where they double coupons up to $1.98). That's not because I met the daily max of 20 coupons, but because I suck at planning. Oops.

Here's Trip 1:

3 Rice-a-Roni $1.79ea (Saved .79ea)
($1/3 coupon doubled)
Riceworks $3.39
($1 coupon doubled)
Wholly Guac $3.99
($1 coupon doubled)
Organic Valley Cream Cheese $2.59
($1 coupon doubled)

Total OOP: $5.19 (including tax)
Total Savings: $10.37 (Sale and Coupon)
Bolded Items: to be donated

Here's Trip 2:

Bear Naked Granola $5.19
($1 coupon doubled)
2 Kotex liners 22 count $1.59ea
(1.50/2 coupon doubled)
Kotex liners 64 count $3.45 (Saved .50)
($1 coupon doubled)
Danactive $2.50
($1 coupon doubled)
Activa $2.50
($1 coupon doubled)
Chobani Greek Yogurt $1.45
($1 coupon doubled to FREE)
Mission Tortilla $3.79
($1 coupon doubled)
Vaseline $1.49

Total OOP: $9.13 (including tax)
Total Savings: $14.95 (Sale and Coupon)

My thoughts on Super Doubles: It was okay. I went late so a few of the things I wanted to get were no longer in stock. I messed up a few of the deals I wanted, but it worked out okay in the end. I was hoping to get the guac for free, but they didn't have any of the kind I wanted left. I thought that the overage for the Greek yogurt wouldn't disappear. I am trying a few things I've wanted to buy but thought were a little too expensive. Overall, I saved more than I spent, so I think it's a win.

Total HT spending YTD: $14.32
Total HT savings YTD: $25.32

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