Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome to Me in Deals!

I created this as an offshoot of my other blog, Me in Millions, because I didn't think my readers would care to see a record of the deals I've gotten this year. One of my goals way to play the CVS game and to see how much stuff I could get for free. This blog will be a record of that and other deals I find this year. It's mostly for me, but I hope you'll enjoy.

I plan to donate a large amount of what I get for free. I'm mostly going to be shopping (and keeping a record of my deals) at the following stores:

(1) CVS
(2) Giant
(3) Shopper's
(4) Harris Teeter
(5) Safeway
(6) Target
(7) Rite Aid

I also am going to use this blog to keep track of stuff I get for free this year in general. This will include things such as samples in the mail, events that I go to for free or reduced cost. Welcome!

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